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LC-750H/PC-111 Item No:LC-750H/PC-111

LC-750H/PC-111Item No:LC-750H/PC-111

The LC-750H model contains a built-in gas suction pump.
The PC-111 set model is perfect for high and medium concentration dirty gas measurement.



Measurement principle Battery-powered zirconia oxygen analyzer
Type Desktop type / Panel mount type
Display system Digital 4-digit display or analog display
Measurement range Digital display: 0-0.1/1/10/100%
Fixed range
Analog display: 0-0.5/5/10/25%
Allowable error margin Within ±2% of full scale, range of 0-2% or more
Within ±3% of full scale, range of less than 0-2%
Sampling system Continuous suction with internal pump
Sample gas requirements Pressure: Pressurized at 14KPa or less
Flow rate: 1,000-2,000mL/min
Humidity: Dew point below ambient temperature
Temperature: -10-100ºC
Others: Not to contain corrosive gas (fluorine gas, chlorine gas, sulfuric gas, etc.), gas containing organic silicone, flammable ingredients (including gas), oil or moisture
Reference gas Atmospheric air
Recorder output Oxygen level output: 4-20mA or 0-10V
4-20mA: Load resistance 600Ω or less
0-10V: Load resistance 100Ω or more
Transmission output None
Alarm output ALM (concentration alarm): 2 point (H/L)
Non-voltage contact, contact capacity AC 110V, DC 24V 3A (under load)
Warmup time Under 20 min.
Dimensions Body: 210(W)×300(H)×327(D)mm (excludes protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 10 kg
Gas connection INLET :Rc1/4
Power AC100V±10% 200VA 50Hz/60Hz